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Our Approach To Getting The Best Out Of Your People:

Firstly, we help you hire the right people with strong communication skills and a positive attitude towards customer service. We help you recruit and hire the best candidates through various methods relating to Job Descriptions, strategies, sourcing, screening, and interview training. 

Our services extend to also provide comprehensive analysis, recommendations and training on call handling techniques, product knowledge, and customer service best practices in addition to our state-of-the-art training classes and services. 

At HyperCS, we can help recommend and even set clear performance expectations and targets for call handling times, customer satisfaction, and other key performance indicators based on your type of business, your type of customer and your preferences. We also review and assist in fostering a positive work environment that promotes teamwork, recognition, and support across all functions.

Everything we recommend and offer is based upon our ACE IT values which align with this industry, and this includes empowerment. Ultimately our goal is to help your staff to make decisions and solve customer problems.

With our vast knowledge across multiple industries, sectors, and verticals we also pay heavy attention to the technology and digital transformation help to support your team to improve efficiency from AI operational tools to automated call routing.

Our Approach To Getting The Best Out Of Your Processes:

The HyperCS team assist in Identifying the key processes that are critical to the success of your contact centre, such as call handling, customer service, and issue resolution using our knowledge and expertise.

Once the key processes have been identified, our experts begin to analyse to identify any areas for improvement. This may involve conducting process mapping, flowcharting, and root cause analysis to identify inefficiencies, bottlenecks, and other issues.

We then normally move on to develop bespoke process improvement strategies. This includes process optimization to communication methods between staff. These will be discussed with you and your team in length before we collectively move on to the next stage. 

In the next steps, we implement and monitor the improvements, by tracking key performance indicators, conducting regular audits, and soliciting feedback from staff and customers.
For us, analysis and improvement is an ongoing process and we it's important to continuously monitor and improve the processes to ensure that they are meeting the needs of your call contact centre and your customers. We benchmark against industry best practices and incorporate feedback from staff and customers.


Outdoors Meeting

Diagnosis and Recommendations

The diagnosis and recommendation process typically involves a thorough assessment and audit of your call center operations, followed by the development of a customized recommendation and plan to address any identified issues, and improve performance. 

Overall, the diagnosis and recommendation process for a call center consultant is designed to help the client optimize their call center operations, improve customer experiences, and achieve their business goals.

  • Initial Contact Centre Diagnostic

  • Five full days Consultancy time

  • Full report of our findings

  • Recommendations and action plan for you to progress at your pace.

  • Free Follow up Consultation 90 days after the Diagnostic to check in on your progress.

Diagnosis, recommendation, and support

In addition to package 1, our package 2 is ideal for Contact Centers looking for additional guidance with the implementation of some or all the recommendations. With this service we don’t just stop at recommendations but also include continued monthly guidance, occasional meetings on progress and provide tracking. You, your team, and your business will remain in full control of the actions.


  • All the elements outlined in Option 1

  • Five Days project Consultancy time per month – up to 3 months

  • Weekly Progress meetings and guidance

Business Meeting
Business Meeting

Diagnoses, recommendations, support, and delivery.

This package allows you to focus on other important areas of your business whilst we get to work. The HyperCS team takes control of everything and manage the entire project, the stakeholders and our experts fully implement the recommendations and the needed changes. This is accompanied by full visibility and reporting. 

  • All the elements outlined in Option 1 and 2

  • Bespoke Number of Consultancy days in line with project scope

  • Weekly Project review meetings

  • Full reporting and governance

  • Training design and change Management workshops

  • Attendance and decision support in internal meetings

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