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How We Can Help Recruit

HyperCS embeds a team of recruitment and talent acquisition experts within the organization who not only intervene when providing recommendation towards your own recruitment process as part of our Support and Solution Service but also HyperCS is a specialist in providing access to thoroughly vetted and high caliber staff members to your organization. 

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Business Discussion

Sourcing and Screening

We engage with you to understand the position and the necessary talent/qualifications you are looking for to fill any role with the call centre environment. From advisors to directors. We go a step further to really understand your company culture, ethics, opportunities, and challenges to fit the best suited candidates. 


Using our own pool or searching the markets we source candidates for your organization. The candidates are only then provided to you after thorough assessments and screening.  

Preparing Candidates

  • Review CVs 

  • Language testing (depending on role)

  • Business acumen/specific role testing 

  • Cultural test (depending on role) 

  • Verifying references 

  • Validating references 

  • Expectation setting 

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