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Helping Contact Centers deliver exceptional Customer experiences

Deep routed solutioning provided by our team of World Class Experts

HyperCS combines over 100 years of experience and proven abilities to help enhance the service you deliver to your customers by supporting improvements in value added metrics, your people’s knowledge and ability and your businesses culture and its values. 

We understand what is important to you and we align our approach and end-goal to match yours and work by way of partnership. HyperCS was created for customers by customers and with this ethos everything we solve guarantees a huge return on investment for you and HyperCS. 

High levels of Quality assurance, smooth call efficiency metrics, big financial targets and other day to day focuses can be difficult to balance with limited resources and time but this is where HyperCS can offer its expertise. 


Consulting Services 

HyperCS and the team bring together a combined 100 years of experience and a proven track record to help identify, troubleshoot, and manage the problems in your contact centre. We support all aspects within the call centre environment from sourcing the right people and leadership skillsets to performance and metric improvement. Our HyperCS Team works closely with you and your staff to understand root causes, address gaps, and discuss ideas and best practices and help implement plans that work.

Recruitment and Sourcing

In addition to supporting improvements in your own recruitment processes, HyperCS also offers a cost-effective solution in helping recruit, screen and prepare candidates to help improve attrition rates and show early successes in performance before your recruitment process even begins.

Learning and Training

Our state-of-the-art interactive online university is also an option for you to help upskill your workforce and managers to unlock their best. With multiple short and long self-paced and live courses available covering all important aspects. The courses are created and run by our call centre expert HyperCS team. We offer a fun, engaging and effective way to learn complete with proof of learning and accreditations certificates awarded for completion.

Technology and Automation 

With the ever-changing world in both technology enhancements and customer expectations, HyperCS helps you in identifying technology gaps and supporting your call centre in finding the right solutions using our vast network of partners. HyperCS and our partners are proven experts in telephony systems, automations, AI implementation and other fantastic transformation opportunities.

Some Key Call Centre Stats


2024 AI-powered solutions will be smarter at customizing content and leveraging omnichannel communication preferences


Customer satisfaction is about exceeding expectations and predicting customer needs.


More than 60% of companies report a growth in call volume, and 58% believe this will continue.


Over 90% of contact centers will continue to use surveys to track customer experience. 


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